● What kind of payment method do you support?
We accept the following credit, debit and services.
Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Shop Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal

● Which country's currency will be used for payment?
For reference, the prices of the products are displayed in a total of 8 currencies, but the final payment will be in Japanese yen.

● Why does the displayed price do not match the amount actually deducted on the card?
If you are using a yen-denominated account, the price displayed in the shop will always match the amount actually charged by the card company.
If you are not using a yen account:
If you are browsing the shop in a currency other than Japanese Yen due to the influence of foreign exchange market rates, the price will change automatically.
Depending on the card you have signed up for, there will often be a time lag between ordering and confirming the amount. As a result, the conversion amount paid for the order will be slightly different from the price displayed in the shop using currencies other than Japanese Yen.

Returns / Exchanges
● Can I return or exchange?
Due to the nature of digital content products, we do not accept refunds or cancellations. Thank you for your understanding.

Digital Products
● How do I access the purchased files?
The download link will be automatically sent to the email address you entered at checkout, so please check your email after purchase.

● What kind of memo apps are digital planners and notebooks compatible with?
These products have been created and optimized for use with GoodNotes 5, Notability, and Noteshelf on the iPad OS. It works with Noteshelf + Xodo on Android, but it has not been completely tested on Android devices, so please use it at your own discretion.
Recommended models / appsGuidePlease refer to it.

● Hyperlinks do not work. How can I enable it?
Make sure the Notes app is in read-only mode before tapping the hyperlink.

● Can my notebook be reused in other classes? Also, will the pages disappear?
The great thing about digital notes is that you can duplicate pages indefinitely, so you never run out of pages. You can also duplicate the note itself for use in another class. With a single purchase, you can get endless notes.

● Do you sell products for commercial purposes?
No, we do not sell our products for commercial purposes. These products are for personal use only. All acts such as redistributing, reselling, copying, or sharing the product in any other way are prohibited.